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Arbiters in Truth

Veracity in Recycled Content Claims

Green claims are often made with unfounded or weak verification. Our Recycled Content Standard exceeds the recommendations set out for the proposed new Directive on environmental labelling claims, and due to the use of nationally accredited certification bodies for auditing, is fully independent and traceable.

Our use of uniquely identifiable QR codes on products holds manufacturers accountable in a publicly visible manner.



A trusted Certification

Loop acts as an impartial authority, establishing and verifying the criteria against which a product’s environmental claims are evaluated. The establishment of such rigorous standards is the cornerstone of our role in maintaining the integrity of environmental claims. A product or service that meets the Loop's criteria can bear our certification mark, signalling to consumers that it adheres to genuine environmentally friendly practices. This mark is a beacon of trust in a world where false claims and greenwashing have become all too common.

Promoting a greener, sustainable future

The role of Loop extends beyond certification. We regularly review and update standards to keep pace with scientific advancements, economic and threats from fraudulent practices and changing environmental conditions. This ensures that products and services certified as environmentally friendly today will continue to uphold their promises in the future. By being the guardians of truth in environmental claims, we ensure that these claims remain valid and reliable.

As a Standards Owners, Loop also plays a pivotal role in promoting innovation. By setting high standards, we encourage businesses to develop new, more sustainable technologies and practices. This not only benefits the environment but also drives economic growth and job creation in sectors aligned with sustainability. In this way, Loop becomes a catalyst for positive change.