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Brand Owners

Frequently Asked Questions for Manufacturers / Suppliers

Why should I be interested in Loop Certified?

Loop Certification is an independent third party that provides proof regarding your supply chain recycled content claims. This allows your brand and company to focus on your core strengths, delegating supply chain verification to Loop Certified.

Are Brand Owners responsible for any costs?

No – Brand Owners are not subject to any costs for Loop Certification.

How can my company implement Loop Certified for our licenced products?

Request Loop Certification from your manufacturers. Contact Loop directly at for assistance.

Can my company use the logo anywhere?

The certified item will have the Recycled Content Certification logo displayed on the product itself and/or on its original packaging. Marketing material regarding the product may also contain reference to Loop Certification.

Are there any requirements for a Brand Owner?

No. Loop Certified does not require anything specific from Brand Owners.



Frequently Asked Questions for Manufacturers

How can Loop Certification help my business?

Brand owners have a sustainable agenda that requires their supply chain to demonstrate and prove their recycled claims. Loop is the independent third party that help you secures the contracts with today’s brand owners.

How long will the audit take?

Auditing time will depend on manufacturing and supply chain complexity, number of products certified, and manufacturer cooperation. Usually it lasts for one day – ensuring the documents requested are provided promptly improves audit time significantly. Renewal audits are usually completed in 20% to 50% less time compared to first time audits.

How much will it cost?

Cost depends on the number of products being audited. The certification cost per product reduces when multiple products are being certified.

How do I get Loop Certification?

Contact Loop directly at We will help your company identify a suitable certification body.

How long does the certification last?

The certification lasts for one calendar year.

How often do I need to get re-certified and/or audited?

To ensure the recycled claims are respected, an audit will need to be carried out every calendar year. The certification will be renewed after a successful audit. Renewal audits are usually completed in 20% to 50% less time compared to first time audits.

What happens during an audit?

Each auditor is trained to understand the Recycled Content Standard and analyses your production in a fair and consistent manner. Your company will need to demonstrate satisfactory evidence of recycled content of input material, showing how your management procedures validate the input materials in your production process, and how you continually control the risks related to your production, in particular regarding substantiation of environmental claims.

What happens after an audit?

You will need to close out any non-conformances raised during the audit before any certification of your products can be awarded. After ratification, your product will be entered into our Directory, and you will be issued a QR code that you can use on your product.

Will my company be checked outside of the pre-agreed audit days?

Loop Certified reserves the right to visit manufacturing sites when it has a reasonable doubt fraud has occurred / is being carried out.

How many different products / SKUs can I get certified?

As many as your company requested.

I already have Loop Certification for product XYZ. Product ABC is very similar; can I use Loop Certification for product ABC without a new audit?

Loop Certification cannot be moved from one product to another without a new audit. Loop considers two products different if the barcode is not identical.

My company manufacturers packaging – can my product get Loop Certified?

Yes – Loop Certified can be applied to any products, including packaging.