Transparency. Traceability.

Creating confidence in recycled content claims for all products.

Loop certifies the recycled content of any product or packaging

Our certification company is the trustworthy source in recycled claims, in all industry verticals.

Green claims are often made with unfounded or weak verification. Our Recycled Content Standard is used by auditors globally to verify the quantity of recycled content in any manufactured product.

Our standard exceeds goverments requirements on environmental labelling claims and it is fully independent  thanks to the use of third party certification bodies for auditing.

It is fully traceable: our use of uniquely identifiable QR codes on products holds manufacturers accountable in a publicly visible manner.

Tackling Greenwashing

The European Commission found that 53 % of examined environmental claims in the EU were vague, misleading or unfounded, and 40 % were unsubstantiated. In addition a lack of common standards risks greenwashing and can even be the basis of economic fraud.

Loop Certification is here to put a stop to this fraud: our Recycled Content Standard provides third party proof of manufacturing claims, putting an end to greenwashing.