Loop Joins Accelerate Estonia

Loop, a leading provider of recycled content certification standards, today announced its acceptance into Accelerate Estonia, a prestigious governmental innovation lab shaping public policy to enable impactful businesses.

Loop's mission is to promote transparency and traceability in recycled materials. The company's certification standard ensures that manufacturers are truthful about the recycled content of their products: all products and materials can be certified, including plastics, textiles, electronics, and packaging.

This is important because greenwashing is prevalent in today’s market. In March 2023, the European Commission adopted a new Directive on green claims, aimed at putting a stop to greenwashing. The EU found that 53% of green claims gave vague, misleading or unfounded information, whilst 40% of claims have no supporting evidence.

We at Loop are thrilled to be joining Accelerate Estonia. This program will provide us with the resources and support we need to scale our business and become Europe’s trustworthy source in recycled claims, in all industry verticals.. 

Accelerate Estonia stated: “The pace at which technology evolves often outstrips regulatory frameworks, leaving innovators in limbo. Accelerate Estonia's initiative seeks to bridge this gap by carrying through the regulatory change – partnering with innovative companies like Loop Certifications whose solution helps to solve the problem of greenwashing by launching the first accredited Recycled Content Standard.Together we want to create the opportunity for Estonia to lead the innovation in green standard certification and demonstrate said opportunity through a successful pilot.”

About Loop

Loop is a company that verifies the recycled content of products. Their standard is used by auditors to ensure that manufacturers are truthful about the recycled content of their products. This is important because many green claims are misleading.

About Accelerate Estonia

Accelerate Estonia is a government-funded program that supports high-growth Estonian startups. The program provides startups with access to mentors, investors, and other resources